We come to you from our office in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol where we offer our professional web design services to clients worldwide.

aWeb.es was created by an American freelance developer who settled in the Fuengirola area a few years ago. Since then, he has built a small team of experts who possess the in-depth knowledge needed to succeed with Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, and Graphics Design, as well as expertise with CMS such as WordPress. We now work together delivering to clients worldwide, providing a solution to almost any web related problem, with great efficiency.

Fuengirola is a city on the south coast of Spain, in the Málaga province. It’s now a major tourism hub with a variety of businesses such as real estate agents, supermarkets, consultancy companies, cryptocurrency, and more. With millions of tourists visiting Fuengirola each years it’s not hard to see why so many people like to visit; with a great metropolitan vibe, while still laying close to the relaxed beachside roots. This enables us to engage with locals, expats, and visitors when it comes to our web business. We’re currently located in the center of Fuengirola, which enables us easy access to all parts of the town, as well as access to public transportation close by such as the efficient Cercanias train.

We have worked with many businesses of all sizes in Fuengirola; for example we currently work with the largest Danish media company located on the Costa del Sol, along with a variety of real estate agents, and expat minimarkets. We have provided websites for many clients throughout the region, providing bespoke design and integrations; this includes web shops, sales portals, and brand homepages.

aWeb loves collaborating with local clients and expanding our portfolio, so if you are located in the Fuengirola area and would like to meet for a coffee to find out how we can deliver the ultimate solution, please contact us.

Fuengirola is expanding at an ever growing rate, with 2018 looking to be the busiest year for tourism ever, and with no signs of slowing down aWeb.es will be here to take care of the web designs for the inflating business market.