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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are aWeb, and what do we do?
Our lead developer is an American living in Spain, who has 14 years experience creating websites and consulting for startups. aWeb itself was formed in 2018 as our lead developer works with other local experts (such as graphics design, etc) and so we can offer a broad spectrum of quality service.

Is your development all in house?
Absolutely. None of our work is outsourced to external companies or third world countries. We deliver quality above all, and the internal team has been working consistently for many years.

I currently don’t have a website, and I’m not sure where to start; what do I do?
No problem at all! We can guide you through the entire process, consulting you on what is the best fit for your needs. We can offer basic solutions, all the way to making the most creative custom ideas come to life. We make it simple and easy where necessary. If you’re local to the Costa del Sol, come for a coffee and chat. If you’re further afield, we can offer video consultation.

Can aWeb develop all aspects of a website?
We can create every part of your website from the ground up, including custom design and features along the way. We can take it further by managing your hosting, business social media presence, search engine optimization, and more. aWeb is truly your web partner in this case.

What are your payment terms?
We generally require a 30% – 50% deposit upon launching work on your project (variable based on the total project cost). Usually the remainder is then collected in two equal parts at an intermediate and then end stage of the development. Long term clients can be billed monthly and yearly depending requirement. We charge IVA (Value Added Tax / VAT) where applicable on top of any quoted price depending on your local country. aWeb is synonymous with an autonomous registered business service in Spain, compliant with EU law.

Please contact us today if you have any other questions.